Cyberbod60 was designed to help clients reach their ideal health and fitness goals.  Results are not guaranteed.  Clients who receive desired results have worked hard and committed to their customized advice and suggestions.  It should be noted that any advice offered by Matt Allen or Wendy Fortino, Cyberbodyshop Inc. are merely suggestions and not to be considered as medical advice.  It is always recommended that clients consult independently with their physician and obtain approval prior to beginning any supplementation, nutrition program, or exercise program suggested by the trainers.  Clients purchasing any program shall assume any and all risk of injury and shall release fully Matt Allen and/or Wendy Fortino, Cyberbodyshop Inc. from any liability including injury resulting from client programs.  Clients purchasing and participating in any program acknowledge that the physical activities involved run the inherent risk of personal injury or other damages.  There are absolutely no refunds for purchases once a program is delivered to the client.