Created by CYBERBODYSHOP owners, Matt Allen and Wendy Fortino, the purpose of the CYBERBODY 60 Training System is to take an individual from “beginner” to “advanced” in 60 days.  It is also designed for individuals who have been advanced, but need proper progression to reach top conditioning.

This program is designed into 3 phases. We utilize an ultra-effective periodized model for progression through each phase. The focus is to improve your overall fitness and conditioning with focus on the overall shape and symmetry of your muscle development; hallmark to what CYBERBODYSHOP brings with each of the individuals that we have helped both in competition and recreationally.

We have outlined this program with a very concise approach. You should easily be able to print this out and take it with you anywhere you go. There are charts and reference keys for you to easily navigate as you complete course of 60 days.