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  • You will have access to 60-days of progressive TRAINING, NUTRITION & SUPPLEMENTATION based on your body type!
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  • INTERACTIVE features, including: Daily check-off of completion, video demonstrations for each exercise in your plan, and more! It will feel like we are right there with you training you through your workout!

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This system is designed for:

~Individuals who have not had prior experience in the gym or weight room


~Individuals who have had prior experience and have gotten “out of shape”


CYBERBODY 60 focuses on appropriate PROGRESSION for optimal results. In addition to progression, we have utilized the basic fitness principles to create a comprehensive program that includes exercises focusing on improving fitness and creating an aesthetic physique.  Whether an individual is a beginner, or advanced and looking to achieve top conditioning, this system is an ideal solution.

We have included DETAILED guidance for each exercise in each workout provided from Day ONE through Day SIXTY! We have also included a tracker for you to "check" each day of completion with motivating progression record-keeping.


Our first CYBERBODY 60 program launched in February 2015. We are re-launching this program January 2016!


An individual will benefit most from the CYBERBODY 60 system if he or she owns a membership to a local gym.  However, most of the movements in this program can be modified with a few basic items in a home gym setting.  


We created this program because we wanted to utilize our knowledge, education, and experience to help as many people as possible.  This has been our goal since day one; however, it is not possible for us to personally coach each person who needs help.  While we still love coaching people “hands-on”, we have designed a program that will enable individuals to own a comprehensive program that will help to lay an effective foundation for proper training techniques.

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Wendy Fortino holds her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, and has over ten years of experience doing research on various training strategies and techniques, helping people find success in their lives through fitness and wellness, and has worked alongside some of the top Athletic coaches while managing the fitness facilities at Stanford University.

Matt Allen has a wealth of knowledge through his 17 years of experience as a personal trainer and through coaching athletes in the sport of Bodybuilding. His long-term experience and continual passion for excellence drives our programming to reach the highest level imaginable; with results to back it up.